Jaunpils pils

Castle JaunpilsJaunpils pils, built in the year 1301 on Lake Dzirnavu (Mill), is one of the few medieval castles, has preserved its original appearance.

Jaunpils pils is a typical construction of the Livonian Order fortress, it was built by master Gottfried von Horn. More than 350 years the Castle owned by the barons of von der River. Up to the present day came many legends about the fearless, Matthias von der Recke, owner of the castle in the 16 century. During the Swedish war he fought in a duel with Swedish King Charles IX and after the fight in the hands of Recke was the sword of King and his cap with expensive decorated with ribbons. These valuable items were stored in the castle of Jaunpils before World War I, but then were lost.

Jaunpils pils and its surroundings have many legends and mysteries. Today you can visit the church built at the end of the 16th century water mill, the age of 200 years, and in the Castle enjoyed a medieval meal and hot red wine. It is here that you can feel the aroma of the romantic era.

The castle is now a museum where you can see the layout of locks, copies of the arms and armour of the Livonian order, learn interesting facts about the life of the Castle and the fate of the inhabitants of Jaunpils.

The Castle also offers theatrical excursions accompanied by monks or medieval singers, medieval meal in a restaurant Castle, Medieval feasts are arranged in summer.

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