Природный парк Тервете, Tervete

Tervete Nature Park is a fabulous place where unique nature and cultural and historical heritage meet. Tervete Nature Park is a wonderful place to relax with family or friends. In 2009, the Tērvete Nature Park was recognized as the object of EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence).

Release the afternoon to go to the fantasy world. Breathe in the fresh air of the pine forest. On a dark night, look for constellations in the sky. With pleasure, plunge into the lake Gulbiy.

The natural park of Tervete is unique in its nature: 72 species of endangered plants grow here. This area is a refuge for many other wild inhabitants, for example, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The peculiarity of the park is that special protection zones have been created in it, so as not to interfere with the development of rare species.

The natural park “Tervete” is the best and friendly place for a family with children and those who can look at the world through the eyes of a child, enjoy the harmony of nature and fairy tales. This place will not leave indifferent as well those who admire the power of the ancient Semigallians. Three generations of ancient fortresses remind of this generation.

The most favorite places of the park, the inspection of which will take at least 3 hours – fairy forest, playground and forest of gnomes. Not only among the friends of nature admires the unique pine forest, where majestic trees grow, whose age is about 300 years.

And if you visit Tervete fortification on the second Saturday of August, you will have a chance to visit the market of artisans and take part in the Zemgal festival, which praises the history of the region’s culture.

In the natural park “Tervete” you can find not only wooden sculptures – heroes of fairy tales and plays by writer A. Brigadere – Sprititis and Lutausis, the Forest King with his retinue, Annel with his girlfriends, a large family of gnomes, but also “living” fairy-tale characters.

What you will find in the Tervete Nature Park:

      • In the spring and summer, children and young people can meet their favorite fairy-tale characters; you can watch the flight birds
      • In summer the boat season begins on Swan Lake; bathing, walking on bicycles, watching the nature
      • In the autumn you can watch the flight birds
      • In winter, there are training sessions on racing trails for racing.

A group of visitors (a preliminary record is necessary), the guide will accompany you to the realm of legends and fairy tales, and also successfully deduce from the forest.