Jurmala, LatvijaJurmala is a resort with almost 150 years of history, known for its salubrious climate (sea, pine forests and clean air), its mineral waters and curative mud – that’s what Jurmala.

The most striking feature of the architecture of Jurmala is a significant predominance of wooden buildings. The tree, as the available material is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the construction of a seasonal nature.

The city is decorated with works of architects A. Mellinger, Century Bocslaph, ,Shelah, E. works. A characteristic feature of the architecture of Jurmala are the facades and roofs of buildings, decorated with wooden lace thread. Here are harmoniously coexist details of classicism, art Nouveau and national romanticism, historicism and functionalism. In the list of architectural monuments included more than 400 buildings.
Jurmala Sightseeing:

The Jomas Street. The main pedestrian street of Jurmala, which became a hallmark of the city. It is notable for its wooden architecture and the vibrant resort life in the summer season. On Jomas concentrated restaurants, cafes and shops.
Forest Park “Dzintari” with the observation tower. Pine Park in the “Dzintari” on the way to the beach. There are paths for those who like to ride on roller skates, skate Park, playgrounds for street ball, walking paths and playgrounds for children of different ages. But the main attraction of this place is a 33-meter-high observation tower.
The concert hall “Dzintari”. The main concert hall in Jurmala, where most of the major summer concerts and festivals.
Jurmala city Museum. The main Museum of the city just three years younger than most of Jurmala. Here is a history of the city-resort, as well as exhibitions of artists.
Jurmala open-air Museum. The Museum is located on the territory of the natural Park Ragakapa near Lielupe. Here recreated a real fisherman’s farmstead with the characteristic buildings of the late 19th – early 20th century
The Water Park “Livu” (Livu Akvaparks). The largest in the Baltic region indoor water Park, which is located at the entrance to Jurmala.
The Kemeri national Park. A unique natural Park, including the picturesque greater Ķemeri bog with its flora and fauna, sulphur springs, swamps of Zala (Green), ancient continental dunes, Hiking trails, etc.

Sanatorium treatment in Jurmala

Jurmala is a resort with almost 150 years of history, known for its salubrious climate (sea, pine forests and clean air), its mineral waters and curative mud – that’s what Jurmala. And this long walks on the beach, swimming in the warm sea water, meditation and the almost complete absence of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Jurmala quickly became popular among Russian high society, whose members came here not only to improve health (these services were pure, richly ionized air, mineral water and mud), but also to have fun. Cultural life in Jurmala was still rare, and to be here came the most famous artists of the time: Chaliapin, Sobinov, Stravinsky.

Over the years, this love for the resort only strengthened, and here continued to come now Soviet citizens, proudly remembering after a trip that had been almost in Europe. And now a significant proportion of tourists in Jurmala are Russians. Someone is going down the old memory, someone to listen to the contestants of the “New wave” and sit in a cafe at the next table with one of the stars of Russian show business, and someone just because they like it here. Like well-groomed beach where you can sunbathe in the hot weather and take a stroll if suddenly cold. Like pure, saturated with the smell of pine trees, the air. Like inexpensive and effective treatments, which offers a variety of SPA hotels and resorts. All this restores physical and mental strength and they did exactly one year again to begin to ask in Jurmala for a new piece of the sun, pine forests and clean air.

In Jurmala is used climatotherapy, psammotherapy (treatment sand), warm mineral baths, wraps. Most importantly all natural resources – local. Sulfur, bromide and sodium mineral water, which is used for medicinal purposes internally, basins, showers and baths, tone up, reduce irritation of the nerves, muscles and joints, relieving allergies, improving blood circulation and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Enjoy and refresh the skin sulfuric water in Ķemeri sulphur spring “Lizard”, which is located in the historical Park of the resort. Also in Kemeri extracted two types of therapeutic muds, which are used in the resort hotels and rehabilitation centers of Jurmala. Add to this the huge amount of fresh air with the aroma of pine forest, swimming in the sea and you will receive a favorable combination to improve the functioning of the heart, blood, strengthen the nervous system and metabolism.