Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum

Opening of the Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum

The Riga Motors Museum is the largest museum of rare auto and mechanical transport in the Baltic countries, which was founded in 1989.

On April 22, 1989, a solemn opening ceremony of the Riga Motor Museum took place. The date of the opening was symbolic: a subbotnik on Lenin’s birthday, the day in which the legendary Auto Union was saved in Moscow from the ZIL plant in 1976. With the opening of the museum, in the row of significant cultural and educational institutions of Latvia, the largest in the Baltics museum of antique cars was added at that time (and today). In 1989, the new museum was visited by 75,000 people, a year later the number increased to 130,000.

The purpose of the museum is to collect, exhibit and explore vintage cars and mechanical vehicles, study the history of their appearance, use and development, including the development of the history of the automotive industry in Latvia.

Cars, mopeds and bicycles produced in Latvia.

The Riga Motors Museum is an opportunity to see such models of the Latvian automotive industry as a Russo-Balt fire truck, Ford cars Vairogs V8 and Junior-10, as well as products of the Riga bus factory (RAF) – well-known minibuses at the Riga car factory. and passenger bus RAF – 976.

The Kremlin automobile collection

In the Kremlin collection the motor of the museum can be looked at the limousines of the top class of the leaders of the USSR, luxury imported cars of the 1930s, as well as the injured in the accident Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow LI. Brezhnev.

Cars and motorcycles prewar production

The exposition of the museum includes both popular Ford-T (1919) and Chevrolet- Superior mod. “F” (1924), and less well-known models of cars, such as the Selve 12/50 Tourer released in Germany in 1924. In the exposition you can see German cars produced in the second half of the 30s of the last century. For example, a sports roadster BMW-328, a small mass car Mercedes-Benz 170V, as well as an exclusive Horch-853.

Racing cars

In the permanent exposition of the Riga Motor Museum there is an opportunity to look at a unique collection of racing and record cars. Auto – Union Type C / D (Germany, 1938) designed for mountain competitions, one of the most unique exhibits of this collection, and the entire museum.

Cars and motorcycles of the Soviet era

The Riga Motor Museum was given possession of many well-preserved Soviet cars that occupy an important place in the museum’s exposition, from the first Moskvich to the various models of the Zhiguli. The collection of the museum quite fully shows the cars that drove in due time on the roads of the USSR.


Riga Motor Museum for Children

Road safety

The main goal of the road safety classes is to introduce children to the basics of traffic safety rules, and also to prepare for the theoretical examination of the rights for bicyclists. The Riga Motor Museum provides the opportunity to take the CSDD exam for both groups and individually.

Science and Technology

In the science and technology classes, children and adolescents will be able to try various experiments connected not only with the history of the automobile industry, but also various everyday things that may never have been thought about.

Excursion on the history of motor industry

The Riga Motor Museum offers a special tour of the history and development of the automobile industry for children and young enthusiasts. The excursion time with a guide is about 40-60 minutes.

Activities for children in the museum

The Riga Motors Museum offers an interactive excursion for children according to their age, as well as the congratulations of the jubilee. Continue the celebration after a tour of the museum can be in a cafe or teacher class.

Also offers the holding of festive events in the sports complex “Bikernieki” on the road of motorism, at ul. Eisenstein 4.

For recording on the day of celebration, please call +371 67025888. Please reserve a cafe or a table reservation, please contact the administration of the cafe +371 25367109, e-pasts: info@mmcafe.lv.

Inter activity – what do children do in the museum?

Visiting the Riga Motor Museum is a fascinating adventure for the whole day. In the museum for children are available interactive workstations, recreation areas with various games, a playground where young motorists can feel themselves driving a car.


On the basis of the sports complex “Bikernieki” there is a section on automodelling, in which children and teenagers are offered the opportunity to design cars themselves, which then can take part in competitions. In the section there is an opportunity to obtain initial knowledge of engineering, electronics and metalworking.

Bicycle exam.

Along with the car, the bicycle is also a full-fledged participant in road traffic, for the management of which it is necessary to have a driving license. The Riga Motor Museum offers the opportunity to take the CSDD exam for both groups and individually.

Information for visiting the Riga Motor Museum

The Riga Motor Museum is waiting for you every day from 10:00 to 18:00. Visiting the exhibition can take you about 2 hours, so we recommend arriving in advance, until 16:30.

Hours of work during public holidays:

The museum does not work 24., 25., 26., 31. December and 1 January

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