Restaurant “Uzbekistan”

Restaurant of UzbekistanIt is almost impossible to describe all the eastern beauty, which is united in four halls of the restaurant “Uzbekistan”. At the birth of the restaurant “Uzbekistan”, the primary task was to create a place where the Latvian intelligentsia, gourmets and families can come, so that people understand that this place is accessible to anyone. A place that is characterized by a rich but not fanciful interior, a place where visitors feel a homely atmosphere and a special aura, just crossing the threshold. A place where you enjoy familiar and unknown oriental dishes, which can be accurately characterized by the word “delicious”. The restaurant “Uzbekistan”, where food is prepared from natural products and served in accordance with long-standing traditions, where fresh bread is baked in a special oven brought from Uzbekistan. In other words, everything in the restaurant had to be clean in its execution and form, natural and beautiful, which arouses appetite. A place that can affect the soul of a person so that it responds.


The special pride of the restaurant “Uzbekistan” is the chef Ahrol Tadjibaev, who for 35 years of his practice worked in very famous restaurants, including the legendary Tashkent restaurant Bahor, as well as the famous Moscow restaurant “White Sun of the Desert”. The chef is especially proud that he took all the staff in Tashkent and that, finally, in Riga there is an opportunity to try the real Uzbek pilaf served in the cauldron.

The secret of the restaurant

If to ask, what taste at a shish kebab, hardly in Latvia there will be someone who will not know the answer to this question. However, how many of us know how to properly serve shish kebab? In the restaurant, the shish kebab is served on hot coals, a special brazier, thus keeping the dish warm until the end of the meal. By special order, a large brazier is made, which is located in one of the halls of the restaurant, and everyone can watch the cooking process. Also, an Uzbek oven, called a tandyr and created according to ancient technology, was brought from Uzbekistan specially. In the tandoor baked air cakes. Noodles are also prepared by hand. All dishes are made from natural products. In turn, seasonings are imported from far-off Uzbekistan.

Contact Information

Riga, Bruninieku 33, LV-1001

Tel .: + (371) 67292270, fax: + (371) 67292271

Working hours: 10.00 – 23.00
Fri, Sat – until the last customer.

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