Film City Cinevilla

Film City Cinevilla. Cinevilla CinematographFilm City CINEVILLA is a unique tourist sights of Latvia with an extensive organization of events, filming and entertainment options.

Film City Cinevilla Studio is the only open air cinema in the Baltic States and the largest in Northern Europe.

Film City “Cinevilla” located in Tukums Cinevilla studios in the suburb of Slampe and represents an open-air scenery. Its construction was initiated in May 2004 year. specially for shooting historical film “sargi, which premiered November 11, 2007 year.

In Balaji’s built two cities-they are called “major” and “Provincial”. Big city is Riga, the beginning of the 20th century, with its characteristic of that time and details. Cobblestone, fragment of the promenade of the river Daugava, several streets with facades of historic buildings, Windows, lace curtains and the walls-signs on old-Latvian, Russian and German, “Pharmacy”, “cigar”, “fashion and lingerie Shop”, “Beer”, “colonial goods”. In a provincial town or Pārdaugava (Pardaugava) are the facades of wooden houses, fire station, a church, a small market square, the gate of the factory, warehouse, an Inn. For tourists in town offers a variety of guided tours on the history of the town and shooting, Sightseeing in costumes-in the form of soldiers of the Latvian army and German army uniforms of British seamen, nurses or in historical costumes of the townspeople. These costumes can be photographed.

In the Movie the town has its own arsenal-Museum of military history, where you can see the military equipment, uniforms and weapons during World War II. In a fake parliamentary post office building opened Postal Museum and the post office. In the premises of the market works photo gallery where everyone can get his portrait in a historical costume or uniform, decorated in the style of old photos. But not without reason this equipment is a movie town. You can withdraw your own movie. To do this, you will be provided with scenery, costumes, props, kinotehniku and professionals Services-Director, cameraman, costume designer.

Briefly about Film City CINEVILLA:

150 hectares in total, large-scale scenery covers about 15 hectares, which consists of 3 main parts:
City – Riga; Suburb / Town – Pārdaugava; Rudolph Territory Complex;

  • Filmtown is the 4th Latvian city which has its own tram line
  • Located close to the capital Riga, as well as other historical Latvian cities – Tukums, Talsi, Kuldiga, Liepaja
  • Specializing in the early 20th century scenery (World War I and World War II)
  • Two filming pavilions
  • Vintage steam locomotive and passenger railcars
  • 60 m long railway platform
  • River Daugava and three historic bridges
  • Church
  • Hotel “Hotel Cinevilla”
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