Поместье Дикли

Dikli Manor is an ancient possession of the von der Palenov family. The earliest information about the history of Dikli manor has been preserved since the beginning of the 15th century.

The current neo-baroque building of the Dikli Manor was built in Latvia in 1869, the original interior – magnificent fireplaces and tiled stoves, stairs and parquet, wall panels and other elements – was preserved here.

Dikli is known as the place where the traditions of the Latvian theater and song festival originated – here in 1818 the first theatrical performance in Latvian was shown – F. Schiller’s play “The Robbers”, and in 1864 the first Song Festival organized by the priest and writer Juris came here Neuken.

Dikli Manor is open for inspection, it also operates a hotel, restaurant and leisure complex. Next to the estate of Dikli are the farm buildings of the city manor and the park.

Hotel in Dikli Manor:

Dikli Manor offers you accommodation in a four star hotel, which has 26 double rooms and three suites.

Antique furniture made in the late XIX – early XX centuries, luxurious fireplaces and stoves, beautiful curtains and sheets made of satin will make your stay unforgettable.

In the restored cage of the manor there are at your disposal 13 cozy double hotel rooms.

In each hotel room there is also a modern bathroom, TV, telephone and internet connection – everything is equipped so that you feel at home here, or even better.

Restaurant at the Dikli Manor

An Award-Winning Restaurant – an Adventure for True Gourmands

Guests can enjoy excellent food, prepared with love, which will take you on a sophisticated taste adventure. Thanks to the talented chef Jānis Siliņš, the Dikļi Palace restaurant has been recognized as truly exceptional. The prestigious White Guide Nordic 2018 awarded it 9th place among Latvian restaurants in the Fine level category, while it also ranked 10th in the Latvian Excellence Top 30.

“Everything is constantly changing in nature, and that is a boundless source of inspiration for me. I am always full of new ideas waiting for their turn to be fulfilled,” reveals chef Jānis Siliņš.

He knows how to delight gourmands and takes them on a journey to enjoy contemporary interpretations of the rural bounty of Vidzeme – pumpkins and apples ripened in the nearby vicinity, rabbits and meadow lamb bred by caring owners, fish caught in the manor pond or nearby lake. If the owner of the palace has recently gone hunting, you will also find specially prepared game meat in perfect flavour combinations on the restaurant’s menu.
Restaurant opening hours:

Monday – Thursday (by previous bookings)
Friday – Saturday (14:00 – 22:00)*
Sunday (by previous bookings)

* The last order is accepted 1 hour before the end of the restaurant’s working hours

Dress code: smart casual
For reservation please call: 26515445, 64207480 or send an e-mail to pils@diklupils.lv