One of the services that we provide to our clients, is to guard VIPs and events in Latvia. The most important factor for us is the quality of our services, so we only work with reliable and trusted company provides services for the protection of persons and events in Latvia.
Protecting VIPs

Protection of natural persons – one of the most important tasks in the security business. Personal protection provides security elite world – bodyguards. These are the most qualified employees, who have passed a rigorous selection, special training programs and continuously improve their professional level. Qualified protection of VIPs will be able to provide the protected person the maximum level of security. Bodyguards – is not only experienced professionals possessing firearms, special means and techniques of unarmed combat. In the first place, that the guard – this intelligence, able to anticipate the development of the situation a few steps forward, to think through and analyze all possible options and choose the optimum security for the client. If you need a bodyguard – we employ competent and experienced specialists who will be able to protect you.
Protection of mass events

Any public event may become a target for criminal intentions. Due to the accumulation of large numbers of people to the presence of important people, it becomes easily vulnerable target. The main threats during mass actions are a violation of public order, hooliganism, terrorism. The organization of any cultural events – a difficult and troublesome, requiring also clearly established system of protection. Protection of mass events – an important task, since many of them, whether it’s a concert of pop stars, sports game or a business forum, often conducted in open areas (parks, stadiums, airports), which can visit anyone, not just a list of accredited persons . This feature greatly complicates the task of ensuring the security of such events and requires the security personnel of the highest degree of professionalism, enabling even on an intuitive level to identify the attacker in the crowd.

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