Bremen Town Musicians

Monument Bremen Town Musicians in Riga

Monument Bremen Town Musicians in Riga. Бременские музыканты

Bremen musicians are a monument to the heroes of the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm – stands in the very center of old Riga. As you know, heroes of the fairy tale – a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster – go to Bremen to become musicians, but on the way they encounter robbers who are frightened by their singing, standing on each other. The robbers run away in fear, and the musicians stay in their house.

The first monument to the Bremen musicians was created by the German sculptor Gerhard Marx in 1951 for the city of Bremen. Bronze sculpture represents the main characters of a fairy tale, standing on top of each other and singing a song. The monument became a symbol of the city.

Based on the sculpture, sculptor Christ Baumgartel created a similar, but original monument in 1990. Bremen, a twin city of Riga, presented this monument to the Latvian capital. The twin brothers Bremen and Riga by right are Bishop Albert Buxheveden, the founder of Riga was a relative of the Bremen Archbishop. It is also believed that the German merchants, who first landed at the mouth of the Daugava in the 11th century, were from Bremen (although no documentary evidence has been found for the legend).

The monument became one of the excursion objects of Riga. And not only children want to be photographed for memory with the Bremen musicians. Today, the donkey’s nose – and the donkey is at the very bottom of the composition, has become noticeably lighter, because it is considered a good sign to touch it. There is an opportunity to realize three more desires, rub the noses of other animals. The most secret wish is performed by the cock, which is the hardest to reach.

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