Ночные клубы

In Riga, a large number of nightclubs. Walking through the center of the old town you will find interesting places.

Noisy, boiling life of the Metropolitan in Riga, and at the same time calm and cheerful; Breathtaking eight centuries of history and forever young; shines through the showcases of luxury fashion boutiques and the mesmerizing beauty of the quiet streets of modest edges; night music breaking up a lot of nightclubs.

It requires a separate mention of the night life of the old city of Riga, which is home to the best capital clubs, casinos and a variety of stylish bars offering a variety of cocktails that make its head spinning. busy life of Riga. Night clubs, concerts, casinos, various kinds of drawing you into the world of entertainment, the capital of Latvia.

Riga is associated with many tourists with nightlife, endless entertainment in the entertainment centers of the capital. Riga club life is full of events and emotions. This section will help you better navigate the night life of the capital of Latvia, here is the list of the most popular nightclubs in Riga.

Night Club Studio 69

The night club “Studio 69” can rightly be called the number one club in Latvia, because “69” is the trendsetter at night by the movement of capital. Popular, exciting, trendy-all these phrases are best described by the Super Riga Club “Studio 69”. The ideological foundation of the creators was the legendary New York club Studio 54.

This place is only with their unique, unique style, design and musical format. Visiting “Studio 69” remains a pleasant aftertaste, which makes a lover of a wonderful vacation come again and again.

contacts Club Studio 69

Address: st. Terbatas 73, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 50 60 30
e-mail: info@studio69.lv

Club La Rocca

Nightclub La Rocca is the largest club in Latvia. The night club of La Rocca is the place where you should be noticed.

The unique design, history and atmosphere of the club will take you to another world filled with beautiful people, music and the latest technology.

On the main dance floor of the club DJ-residents and guests play for you the latest music in the style of House, Electro, Progressive, and in the world Top 40 dance hits.

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 22:00 to 06:00

Address: Nightclub La Rocca,
96 Brivibas, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 50 60 30,

Nightclub Coyote Fly

Club Coyote Fly “is a place of incendiary parties, in which various concerts are held, an unforgettable atmosphere, and you can dance until dawn.

“Coyote Fly” is a great place for parties. In the bar all night passed a qualified and friendly bartender dancing at the bar, charming and passionate dancer go-go and every visitor meets as a special guest.

Club Coyote Fly “you can only buy drinks. In the summer, when the club is open on the terrace, where you can eat a salad bar.

In accordance with the concept of the dance music club sounds here, various styles, themed events and concerts. The emphasis is on modern technologies. Special guests on the second floor of the club have a small house.

Address: Terbatas street 2, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

Phone: +371 67227794

Night club-First Dacha

Disco shows outdoors with a beautiful view of the river, where the rest are mainly “their glamorous company.

The ability to smoke a hookah and just have a good time listening to a variety of music on the couches in the open air.

The club is often a “rest” of famous DJs who set the atmosphere of the evening.

At the entrance of a strict face control, which checks the presence of a smart random and omits them, basically, in the guest list.

Night Club-First Dacha is open only in the summer season.

Address: Latvia, Riga, Andrejostas Street 4a
Opening hours: Friday 23: 06-0000: 0000
Saturday 23: 06-0000: 0000

Reservation: +371 26540555;
Restaurant: +37125775540;


A small stylish bar club, which was opened in Riga by Moscow manufacturers.

Bar Ber number is similar to the Moscow “Denis Simachev Bar”, and often plays the famous Moscow DJ Fedor Fomin, and among the guests-Moscow leading actors and musicians in.

Bar-camera, and more like an apartment. On the first floor there is a small dance floor, on the first mirror of the living room.

The most remote from the center, but also the biggest club in Riga.

Up to 2500 clubbers. Strict control of the face, impressive sound and light of a brilliant go-go dancer and an abundance of beautiful girls. Often musicians from Europe and Russia. On the usual party, the sound of pop and dance hits. There are separate rooms for smokers.