Some guests of Latvia, wishing to update your wardrobe, use the services of a consultant for shopping or shopping assistant. Shopping Assistant owning Latvian, Russian and English languages, professional buyer select individual items or entire wardrobe. As a rule, the shopping assistant help people need to purchase a strictly certain things or do not have time to search for a particular point of sale in a strange city, as well as those who just do not love the process of shopping. On request it is possible to organize a walking tour or a tour by car through the boutiques of the city, it is also possible to combine a shopping tour with a tour of the capital’s attractions Riga.

Shopping assistant in Riga:

  1. Price: 30 EUR / h (minimum time of ordering the service – 3 hours);

The price includes a visit to the shopping centers and boutiques in shopping accompanied by an assistant, advice, transportation services with a driver – Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente;

Stylist in Riga:

  1. Price: 60 EUR / h (minimum time of ordering the service – 3 hours);

The price includes a visit to the shopping centers and boutiques accompanied by a professional stylist, advice in choosing clothes and making clothes, transport services with driver – Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente;

 Guided tours to Latvia are not suitable for you? Do you want to know Riga or Jurmala inside, for one short or long weekend, ENDA? You want to visit the shops accompanied by a professional stylist and choose what best suits you?

You always have a lot of things, important meetings and do not have time for themselves. When planning a vacation or a trip to Latvia like finally take the time to myself. And if you come to a business meeting, it remains just a couple of hours, shops are closed in the Riga 20:00. Not to speak of the Sabbath, when shopping in the boutiques of Riga is only possible until 18:00!

Relax in Riga, Jurmala, from the cycle of cases, important meetings and family obligations. And when a trip abroad is planned, along with the family – it is important to build it so that all were satisfied. Otherwise it’s not a vacation, even if it is in Riga or Jurmala! I would like to digress, to communicate with family, child please, do not bring her husband out of yourself shopping and shopping trips …

So many “hotelok” immediately … What to do? Make yourself a gift! With the help of a personal shopping assistant.

We hope that using our services, you will fully enjoy the journey, and ever again, please contact us.

If you are interested, you can contact us by phone in Riga +37128958080 or E-mail, listed in Contacts, or send a request for a transfer order. We will be happy to help you plan your holiday in Latvia.