Personal assistant

Personal assistantWe want you to tell an incredibly easy way to make your trip to Latvia more carefree, and without even knowing its capital – city of Riga as his five fingers, all have time to visit. Having a personal assistant in Riga, you will be able to build ambitious plans! No matter what brings you to this great city – business meetings or tourist curiosity.

Let the professionals take care of your stay in Latvia. Do not distract the company’s staff from performing non-core functions. If you want to save the usual work schedule and rhythm activities, spend your precious time on only what is interesting to you personally, and is profitable for your business, to catch more with the least loss of time, effort and money.

Personal assistant

Personal Assistant will begin to perform their functions at the airport: help with the luggage, will map the movement, based on them your wishes and come to the rescue when checking into the hotel, if necessary.

Personal Assistant is ready to accompany you as a business meeting, and during leisure activities. No matter where you plan to go: to explore Latvia’s attractions or go shopping at the boutiques of Riga. Our assistants are perfectly oriented in the city and will be able to suggest places where you will be able to realize their ideas and suggestions to help book a restaurant of your choice, etc.

Personal Assistant in Riga is ready to plan your day based on your same goals. Our specialist will perform various kinds of small orders. Perhaps from the list of the things that I do not like to do or do not have enough free time.

We hope that even on the basis of such a short description becomes quite clear that the service “Personal Assistant in Riga” significantly relieve your day and makes your stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe pleasant and calm.

Attention! Plan your journey in advance. The more time we have, the longer journey will coincide with your dream of a perfect holiday. We hope that using our services, you will fully enjoy the journey through the Baltic States and ever again talk to us.

If you are interested, you can contact by phone in Riga or E-mail, listed in Contacts. We will be happy to help you plan your holiday in Latvia.